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When Arjuna wanted to kill Yudhisthira?

When Arjuna wanted to kill Yudhisthira?
Sounds uncommon but it's a fact that once upon a time Arjuna wanted to kill Yudhisthira who was his eldest brother and for him Yudhisthira was so respectable.
So what happened on the 17th day of Great Mahabharat War when Arjuna had taken his sword in his hand to kill Yudhisthira?
Fine, let me complete it.
As per the greatest writer Ved Vyas in Mahabharat (Karn Parva), on 17th day Karn was wandering here and there in searching of Arjuna on the great battleground of Kurukshetra however Arjuna was leading from a different part of the ground. On the way Yudhisthira was there and their unmatched fight started. Karn started to hurt Yudhisthira and also started to tease him like "Being a saint war is not your cup of tea, why you came on the battleground?"
Yudhisthira became very injured as Karn had shown a great bravery and in fact he had taken his education from Lord Parashuram, one of the most powerful scholar of weapon. Though Karn known t…

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