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Biggest Universal & Socking reasons of Suffering

Biggest Universal & Socking reasons of Suffering
So be ready to know the Biggest Universal & Socking reasons of Suffering. I am not sure at what extent, but it is sure that you will jump up from your sheet to read the reasons behind various types of sufferings in human being. So coming on the central points Biggest Universal & Socking reasons of Suffering, I have put to 'LOVE' on top. Hey! wait for a moment, let me complete it.Extreme Love and Affection - There are several historical facts in support of this fact. Extreme love and Affection finally create distance and later on it becomes relationship breaker. Mahatma Buddha had realized this facts and he left his wife and children to enter in outer world where everyone is similar and there is no enemy or friend there. There was no Extreme love or disgust for anyone. Even today, his 4 preaches are so relevant and highly accepted - 
There is suffering.There is causes of the suffering.Suffering can be removed.There is a…

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