Life is in trouble? 34 Medicines to Cure your Marriage Life

Life is in trouble? 34 Medicines to Cure your Marriage Life
34 Medicines to Cure Your Marriage Life

Life is in trouble? 34 Medicines to Cure your Marriage Life

Going in Great Depression after marriage? Partner looks like Enemy?


OK, you are at right place. Below points are not just read but to follow religiously. Apply all the points and compare your life after few weeks.

34 Medicines are as below:

  1. Never try to win/lose argument, just try to avoid it.
  2. Listen to your partner and convince him/her to let you listen.
  3. Don't be shy to put your own thought/opinion but in managed way.
  4. Always choose a perfect place for healthy discussion.
  5. Don't play a blame game.
  6. Keep a smiling photo of your partner on front wall.
  7. Do not pressurize to follow your opinion/decision.
  8. Keep patience while your partner is not in good mood.
  9. Praise for good job as and when required.
  10. Try to understand his/her feelings.
  11. Don't make fun about his/her weakness.
  12. Pay proper attention on public place and among relatives.
  13. Convince him/her about your liking and disliking.
  14. Plan for a charming tour at least once in a year to invest your quality time with each other.
  15. Draw a line to separate your personal and professional, don't mix both in your family.
  16. Change your monotonous schedule and put some new essence into it.
  17. At least 20 minutes in a day for Yoga.
  18. 15 minutes for meditation will be a great help.
  19. Don't involve into problem, be the part of solution.
  20. TV channel and music should always be creative and exciting with full of positive energy.
  21. Avoid reading books with full of sorrow and depression.
  22. Just enjoy in what you are doing and make it better.
  23. Never take headache for your expectation however make plan to achieve it.
  24. Avoid people around you with full of negative thoughts.
  25. Try to be the best friend of your partner.
  26.  Understand his/her sexual needs and desires, must discuss about it.
  27. Never make a falls commitment, be specific there.
  28. Time management must be strict and convenient.
  29. Decorate your home and workplace for making the place energetic.
  30. Be healthy and eat healthy, take opinion from an expert.
  31. Winning and losing is part of life, be ready if things is not done according to you.
  32. Interest should be profession and profession should be interesting.
  33. Always use managed language, abusive and harsh word should never be existed.
  34. Love your partner by heart, over acting acts for a while only.


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