I was so afraid of my Demon Wife - Now She became my Best Friend

I was so afraid of my Demon Wife - Now She became my Best Friend
Demon Wife
I was so afraid of my Demon Wife - Now She became my Best Friend

Hold down, You just don't be afraid.

Just chill!

This post is for both, Married couples and for those who are planning to marry in near future.
If we look behind, like 100 years ago, most of the people preferred to marry in same location, culture, tradition, language and race. Their mental compatibility and thought processes were same and this was the biggest positive tool to set a successful marriage life, however we are living in a robotic age where information and technologies have set a new milestone. People, today have crossed their boundaries and reached far and wide in the outer world for miscellaneous reasons. Marriage Couples are coming from different - different backgrounds now and this becomes a challenge for them how to fix everything in order to live a successful life.

5 basic tips which need to follow to everyone either married or are going to marry:

  • Career and Profession: Must talk about your career and profession, who you are and what do you want to be in future. Convince your partner about your goals and targets and try to take help from him/her. How much time you can devote in family, are you fine with all the homeworks and with all the family members, do you think sharing lots of time can distract your goal and targets? Your Logic and honest plannings will always be considered and everyone will support you.

  • Future and Family: Arrange a suitable time to discuss about your future and family. If your parents are dependent on you, share with your partner how he/she will take it. Family planning can be discussed in advance also your hobby, your friends and relatives and their involvement in your personal life need to share so that your partner will be aware of it.

  • Weaknesses and Mistakes: Yes! Weakness should be shared to your partner and wait for his/her reaction on it. Is he/she capable to correct the things where you are lacking? Same formula will be effective on you as well. Are you capable enough to manage his/her weakness? How much he/she is strong to control the uncommon situation. Evaluate every aspects and go ahead accordingly. 

  • Sexual behavior and Medical Background: A healthy discussion should be done over sexual preferences and behaviors of your partner. It's very important to know the sexual pattern and frequency else can be a problem in further life. Even today people do not prefer to talk about this however considering the most important decision of marriage, you should always discuss about this. Medical background is also an important factor for your marriage life. Any serious decease should be shared before marriage to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.
  • Sexual Affair: Sounding irritating but important! Most of the people hide their sexual relationship and avoid talking on this topic. There is a proverb in English: 'Let by gones be bygones' so do not open all your secrets which have passed away however if you think your partner may notice or may know the fact in future, better to share the things in advance. Take a commitment to be honest for each other for future. That's it. Have a Happy Marriage!!!


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