India's politics in trough - A study

India's politics in trough - A study

 India's Politics in the trough - A study
India's politics in trough - A study

India was never known for this level of politics which is going to play now a days. If we do a retrospective study after 1947, Most of the politicians were elected by the people for several times and many of these have served the nation till their last breath without creating any disputes or playing Blame - Game. However India's politics is in trough and several corrective actions need to be taken to cure it.

Some incidents since last 3 to 4 years have shown that leaders have no any restrictions in delivering dialogue in public. They are just speaking, doesn't matter what they are speaking against their oppositions, about sensitive matters, about Indian Soldiers and on very secret matters which should not be disclosed in public interest.

Respect for Opposition: Indian History

Ramayan and Mahabharat are the best source to know Indian Culture and People. There are several incidents written over there which prove that Indian have always respected their opposition as well as their enemy.

As per Ramayan, Ravan had abducted to Sita (Daughter of King Janak and wife of Sri Ram) and taken Lanka with him. Further Ravan was killed by Ram in a great war of Ram-Ravan. Seeing dying Ravan, Lord Ram asked his younger brother Lakshman to learn some important things from Ravan as he is Brahmin, Scholar and wisdom. In fact Lord Ram was very impressed from Ravan.

Other Example can be taken from Mahabharat: In final Karn-Arjun war, Karn was in front of Arjun and Lord Krishna was his Sarathi (one who drives chariote which is pulled by horse), he knew that without having Kavach and Kundal (Kavach is type of weapon which is wrapped over body to protect it) he can't defeat to Arjun. His unique Brahmastra (a weapon provided by Lord Brahma and known as strongest weapon) was also used in order to defeat to Ghatotkachha (Son of Bhim). Suddenly a serpent named Ashwasen came into Karn's quiver (Tarkash) and asked to Karn that You just throw me towards Arjun, I will kill him with my sharp teeth because Arjun had killed my whole family long ago and like you, I also want to kill Arjun. Opportunity to kill Arjun was in Karn's hand but he was an ultimate Indian hero and man of moral and principle hence he did  not accept the proposal of Ashwasen and asked to go back from there. He accepted to lose his life but did not accept cleverness and cheating.

If we do a quick study about the past politicians and their way to doing politics, we will find that there was a discipline in their speech and behavior. In 1977 when Atal Bihari Vajpayee became External Affair Minister by defeating congress party, all the office staffs were trying to remove the sings of Congress rule. When Vajpayee took charge in his office, he noticed a blank spot on a wall, he called one bureaucrat and asked what was hanged there before? There was a portrait of First prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru at the place. Vajpayee told the staff that I want to see the same portrait of Nehruji there.

Everyone knows about Netaji Subhash Chandra Bosh and his Indian National Army which was solely made to provide freedom to India from British Rulers. Though the way chosen by Subhash was not accepted by Gandhi led Congress however Subhash Chandra Bosh has great respect for him and a regiment under INA was named as Gandhi Regiment.

last year Sonia Gandhi praised Atal Bihari Vajpayee for his parliamentary work procedure and respect for the opposition.

Opposition party always respected Manohar Parrikar and his works in Goa that's why he was called to hold the position of Chief Minister again however at that time he was the part of Modi Government. 

Prime Reasons of Low Level Politics

There would be numerous reasons of degradation of Indian Politics however some prime reasons Could be below:

  1. Right to Speech and Express.
  2. Indian Media is Independent and leads to mass.
  3. Education level of Indian Politician.

Freedom of Speech and Express

Freedom of Speech and Express
Freedom of Speech and Express

Under article 19(1) (a) in Indian Constitution allows Indian to express their viewpoint either in written or oral form without any fear and restriction.
It is a best human rights and everyone should know about his/her fundamental rights however misuse of the same can be fatal for the country. If I have right to say something about anyone at the same time everyone has right to protect his/her dignity and no one can defame him/her. So the rights should be used carefully keeping limitation in mind. Some subjects are very sensitive for the country and should not be disclosed. People should understand and respect these. If government has taken some decisions in public interest and doesn't want to disclose these, opposition should respect the matters, though it's government's responsibility to share the things to the opposition as and when required so that mutual understanding should be maintained.

Indian Media is Independent and leads to mass

Media is treated as fourth pillar in democracy and it's absolutely correct. In order to provide justice to General people, Indian Media has acted their important roles since last 2 decades. Media has only capacity and ability to influence the whole country. TV, Radio, Internet and Print Media can create awareness in people in no time. Nothing is stranger for the world today. Everyone is now a days enough capable to find out his/her relevant information by accessing various source of media.
Tremendous works have been done by media in order to highlight the basic issues from the society whether it is related to flood, rape, education, medical etc or against the government and it's various department. Actually media acts in a great way to enhance the society and the country.
There is a negative part also with Media. Publishing news is a great but it should be done with greater responsibility considering it's impact on the society.
Since we are talking about Indian Politics hence below pointers should must be added here which need to focus by Indian Media in order to reform the level of Politics:

  • Media should not provide coverage to those who always play Blame Game in order to be in limelight.
  • Defense and other sensitive issues should always be published keeping the government in loop.
  • Media should never publish such topics which could be part ofupcoming plan of Government and can be misused by others.
  • Media should avoid defaming/criticizing those people who are under trial and not served any imprisonment or court has not punished them yet.
  • Media should always respect 'Right to Privacy'.

Education Level Of Indian Politician

Everyone has equal opportunity to serve and Lead the nation in India and it's best thing in Indian Democracy. No matter what is the background, education level, culture or place. Our Constitution gives equal right to Indian citizens to nominate himself/herself for any position.
75% MPs are graduate in 16th Lok Sabha and 10% are 10th passed which is a good sign of Indian Education Level.
Since people who are elected lead to the society hence they should have great level of 'Sense of Responsibility' for the country. They should always evaluate what they are delivering and what they are doing towards the society.
Criticism is good but it should be logical and based on truth.
Only opposing the policies and actions of Government is not good and abusive language is alarming for political health of the country.
It is collective responsibility of all the political parties to maintain the manner and respect for each other else people will start losing their trust and dignity with their representative.

What is the corrective actions to reform the Level Of Indian Politics?

It is not Overnight task to correct everything. Slowly and gradually leader will understand and things will be changed there is always a chance to increase the Quality of Indian Politics:

  1. It is Indian Voters who can reply them by not voting them who use abusive language and always play Blame-Game without logic and facts.
  2. Media coverage should not be given to the politician who plays negative role for the society and country.
  3. Training and coaching with full of Moral should be arranged for the politicians who are leading the society.
  4. Strict rule should be created to stop non professional and manner less acts by the leaders within the parliament and other houses.
  5. Election Commission should closely monitor such incidents accordingly allow or disallow the person for any upcoming election.