Why You Should Quit your Current Job?

Why You Should Quit your Current Job?
Why You Should Quit your Current Job?

Why You Should Quit your Current Job?

Doing Job in same company since a long? If yes, then this blog is surely for you. Just be with us in reading this blog till the end and you will feel energize by knowing the actual facts about the jobs and markets.

First of all think about yourself, how successfully you have spent your time in one organization however there are several persons around you who can’t survive in long run. You will find that you have some specialties which make you different from others like, adaptability, learning attitude, Cultural awareness, co-operation and credibility. By having all these properties you are can’t be just a simple employee however most of such people do not realize this as they have never evaluated their talent in open Market.

Now what do you answer for a question “what are you doing?” Most of us reply as below:

1.    I am doing a job in xyz company.
2.    I am working in xyz for customer service.
3.    I am in UK/US based company.
4.    I am doing job in London/Tokyo/New Delhi etc.
5.    I am working for a firm/Company etc.
6.    I am doing healthcare job.
7.    I am doing Government Job.
8.    I am doing Private Job.

Did you notice what is missing in all the above answers? Only one thing and Important thing is ‘Yourself’.
You are missing in all the answers and your company is highlighted however you should highlighted yourself in your answer. Now think about the below answers:

1.    I am a doctor.
2.    I am an engineer currently giving my service to XYZ.
3.    I am energy expert associated with XYZ.
4.    I am a fitter working for China Government.
5.    I am a Documentation Expert
6.    I am a famous cook in this town.

I can bet you have differentiated both sets of answers now. So just think question is what you are doing. Answer should never be any company, it should be about you.

There is one another aspect also in first set of questions. There are four possible causes of such answers and it could be type of restriction why you could not quit your current job:

A.    You are less Confident about you.
B.    You only love your company not from your profession.
C.    You are in the job on mercy of your organization.
D.   It’s your company who decides your profession.

Now think about your past years and about your consistent hard work and compare this with your way of thinking for yourself. Measuring less about you is only the barrier which bound you with a brand and mostly people spend their glorious time with one organization however they could have perform better in the outer market.

As per Timesjob Employee satisfaction Survey 2016, 60% employees are dis-satisfied with their current job in India.

Job Satisfaction Graph in India
Job Satisfaction Graph in India

It is not only reason of underpaid. There are several short and long term reasons of it. Some of the prime reasons are mentioned below:

Reasons of Job Dis-Satisfaction
Reasons of Job Dis-Satisfaction

Major Reasons of Job dis satisfaction

  1. Less Payout: Working more and getting less could be a main reasons of job dis-satisfaction among the employees. It's payout which create an excitement to the worker at the end of the month. Most of the employees work hard with quality so that they can be noticed and paid accordingly. If we talk current scenarios, most of the companies have their own committee or special group to measure the performance of the employees. The best part of such monitoring body is, fair evaluation of the performance and based on that there are several rewards and awards are given to the relevant employees. There is a negative angle also here. If monitoring body is biased with any particular employee, other workers will be dis-satisfied.
  2. Advancement/Learning Opportunity: Corporate world and It's technologies are frequently changing day by day. There are several programs are organized by the company for the betterment and to survive in the competitive world. Digital Marketing, automation and robotics are some terminologies which take there original shape. Companies are running to fulfill the expectations of their clients, for that advancement is must for them. In this environment, if companies go with this changes with their existing employee then it's mandate to provide them proper training and coaching. Companies sometime do not rely on their existing pool of employee and start hiring new staffs who are well trained as per their needs. Such scenarios create a dis-satisfaction among the employees who have given their years to that organization.
  3. Transferable Job: Lots of people are fond of travelling and they enjoy a job which is transferable however for other who are just travelling for job purpose, tired and irritated after certain period of time. Everyone has their own set of emotions, Family value and quality time. If it's getting interrupted by their transferable job, it's became a reason of dis-satisfaction for him/her.
  4. Ignorance: Everyone loves to get a special attention today. From employee perspective it should be dealt very carefully. Employer must pay sufficient attention to the concerned employee(s) as and when required. Dis satisfaction may impact in several ways like, quality, quantity and many other fields as well. The best thing to avoid ignorance is sharing responsibility to such employees who feel that they are getting ignored.
  5. Fitment/Aged Staff: Especially in Non-Technical or Semi-Skilled Job companies always want to hire staffs with full of energy and low age group. Such types of jobs do not require so much of experience and concerned background. Organizations have their fixed parameters and training modules which they provide to their new hires before they go live for an operation. Aged employees feel insecurity for their job. It is considered that new employees are very eager to learn new tools and technologies as compared to the aged employees. Also hiring new employee will save their overall costs. The whole situation creates negativity in the mind of Aged staffs.
  6. Health: People generally do not care about their busy schedules at the early days of their Job journey. Shift jobs or night shifts jobs are today’s requirement and service providers companies are working for 27X7 concepts. Human body is called a biological clock which is very different from the ordinary clock. Biological clock works as per environment, health condition, weather and mood.  Following hectic schedule for a long run may cause a bad health to the staffs. Some companies are designed in a way where shift adherence is strictly following. No deviation is entertained by employer and this became an issue for some employees.
  7. Boss/Honor: Approx. 80% employees are very dis-satisfied with their Boss or Supervisor. There is rare an employee who can praise his/her boss. Doesn’t matter why bosses behave rudely with their sub-ordinate but behave rudely matters for them. If we deep dive the matter, it could be company requirement also however staffs especially from ground level have no idea about the requirement of the company or future strategy. They always blame to their immediate boss for anything which is not directional. Bosses who are not expert in anger management or can’t control their emotions are treated as Bad Boss. This could be a major reason for high level of attritions.
  8. Interest: If we can randomly pick some employees from any Age, race, location, approx. 40% employees are doing their current job without having their choice. They are doing job because they have no more option in the market or have less skill for their interested field. Some of the employees always try to find out a suitable and interesting job however most of them compromise with their job what they are doing currently.
  9. Overburdened: It is considered that some of the employees are hard worker and they can perform any task in the organization. They are treated as asset and company want them to sustain in their workplace however, due to poor level of work delegation such hard worker employee always feel overburdened. Most of the tasks are always allocated to them. They are treated as easily accessible. Slowly and gradually high level of occupancy creates a dis-satisfaction and frustration to the employees.
  10. Growth Rate: Annual appraisal and rewards are good but promotion is also important for everyone. Most of the tenured employees expect from their organization for timely promotion. If promotion criteria is designed fairly then fine otherwise it is one reason of quitting job.

You should always evaluate the symptoms mentioned above for your betterment and job security. Thinking for you can’t be bad ever. No one is bounded with any company and should always keep finding for better job.

What barrier stops for a job change?

 There are certain factors which resist a person who wants to change his/her job. Some of the major barriers are mentioned below:
  • No specific knowledge of the new Job applied by you
  • Educational Background doesn’t match with the Job applied for
  • Lack of Confidence in an Interview
  • Communication barrier

Truly speaking these are not actually barrier. This is just state of mind. Here we are talking about tenured employees hence it is understood that spending 4-5 years in workplace makes the employees very experienced not only for their daily work but for other things also which is going in the organizations around them. Here we are providing some tips to overcome the barriers mentioned above:
  • No specific knowledge of new job applied by you: Just take a long breath. Do not limit yourself for any new job. You are just not what you are doing but you are keeping various knowledge in your mind. List out all those. For example if you are dealing inventory, you must have knowledge about the materials also which is kept in your inventory. There may be a chance that you would be familiar with their markets where the materials are consumed so there are a wide range of your knowledge. Resume should always be prepared post considering the applied job nature. It’s your resume which tells the story and leads towards the selection. So do a little analysis for your next job and prepare the resume accordingly. Interviewer never know your role and responsibility, your answers will tell him everything.
  • Educational Background doesn’t match with the job applied for: Yes, It could be a matter but not everywhere because action speaks. It’s not mandate to mention your educational background in bold and detail. If someone has 10-20 years of experience, it’s hardly matters what is his/her educational background. Employers always consider for your experience which you have earned since a long run. For example if someone has developed various software and is well established in his/her field since last 10 years then is this really matters whether he is Art Graduate or have done software engineering? Such resume should not less importance for educational background.
  • Lack of Confidence in Interview: There are two reasons of less confidence; one is having less experience of interview and other is fear of rejection. First can be removed by facing more and more interviews and later is little bit complex to remove from your mind but not impossible. You can remove the fear of rejection. Just focus on quality interview and not for the result. You are not going to lose anything by getting rejected there. Opportunity are unlimited if you have caliber and quality within you. Do not think that interviewer knows everything. Sometime they only check your way of expressing the things. It’s not mandate that every interviewer should have good product knowledge. Just think that you are going to convince a person who knows nothing about the subject. One more thing, rejection in one job is not because of your less knowledge or suitability for the job so never take tension for rejection. There are numerous reasons of rejection like: you are over qualified, sudden change in the requirement for the post applied by you, Interviewers mood, change in selector committee etc.
  • Communication Barrier: Communication is not all about speaking in chosen language but it’s vast things which is mixture of various things like – Active Listening, Dialogue delivery and timing, Acknowledgement, Honest denying, asking question, body language, posture and gesture, eye contact and expressing your viewpoint etc. Think everything and prepare yourself before going for an interview. Professional dress in any interview is always a good choice however it’s very important that you should look relaxed and confident so wear the dress accordingly. Resume and supporting documents should be arranged in managed way so that these can be presented easily. It’s not good practice to find out a requested document in front of the interviewer. Express your view in details; it’s not bad idea that you keep stating your points in details until you are objected by the interviewer. Talking more is good however it should be logical and specific. Do not divert your topic from the center point. Be confident and crack the fear. Use your own language if it is allowed there.

Finally tighten your belt and create a well-managed plan for your next journey. Don’t be dependent on single company. It’s company who should depend on you. Never ever expect more from the company but learn more and earn more. Be the game changer. Lots of opportunities are waiting for you. Just customize yourself for them. Its all about:

Why You Should Quit Your Current job?


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