You never understood me

You never understood me
You Never Understood me

You never understood me:

I was not more than a school going student at the time when I met the person who always claimed that no one understood him. The Society considered him abnormal & mentally disturbed and for him, the whole world was crazy. Despite of being a graduate from Art, persons surrounded him taught him art of living every day.

 Excepting a small hut, the banker and his relatives had been ousted long ago but he did not even need that cottage.

I always used to get rid of the moment of leisure for him. The whole world was his home and in that little house, he kept the whole world.

He was a Rickshaw Puller by Profession and alone by relation.

He never committed a mistake in his profession and for that reason people used to take service from him. There was one more reason behind it, he never asked for his rickshaw charge and hardly anyone paid honestly to him for his hard work. Actually he never realized to have lots of money with him except 2 breads, a cot and a packet of cigarette. One thing I always noticed, was a thin diary, he always kept with him. Sometime I asked him to show me the diary but he just laughed and never offered me for that.

All the brothers and relatives had rejected him long ago considering his level of understanding and mental situation. They never invited him in any conversation or family talk. Like a normal maniac, he was always lost in his own world. Laughing became the essential part of his life. I often ask him a question why he laughs so much but he even laughed more and replied you can't understand me, this world never understood me. 

Time went on.
I came to Delhi to manage bread butter and merged in my world. After a long 17 years I got an opportunity to go back to my village. Curiously I went to him but there was no one there. I gave him a voice but there was no stir with that cottage. I peeped in and saw, lying down on his own couch, was inexplicable. There was no fluff, eyes closed and the face was faded.
Perhaps he was taking some of his remaining breaths. I wanted to get out of the doctor for a call, he jerked my hand, put the old diary and said that I am going to him who understood me. Perhaps he was talking about the almighty God.
Before I could understand something, his pulse was extinguished. He was no more.
What should I do with this diary? After few days, despite the habit of not reading anybody's diary, I couldn't stop myself and started unfolding past pages of his life through the diary. I was quite curious to know his pet word "You never understood me". There were 3 Subject lines in his diary which I had got:
  • Meaning of the world for me
  • My Responsibilities &
  • You Never Understood me
I surly know that I would be fail in describing his motto and level of thinking hence without taking any risk, I have copied his lines and pasted below:

Meaning of the world for me:

For my family and society I am an abnormal person however I am very happy to have my own world around me. They are laughing at me however I am laughing at them, They are wandering here and there for entire day, I am very quite and relaxed at every moment. They have lots of confusions and tensions because they are running behind money and status. I have no money, no status hence have no confusion and tension. I always laugh at the people who think that they know the rule of God - what is right and what is wrong. They are in great dark as no one knows actual rule of God. For me no God is in the shape as imagined by the human. Yes, there would be anything, any super power who have created millions of planets like earth. People should not bet for the knowledge base about the God. I don't know why I am here in the world, why nature has created me here but I know they also don't know the reason behind it. We are on same page. They have stopped thinking, I am continuously finding the reason of it. So what they are doing can't be absolutely right. May be I am right may be they are wrong. Truth would be something else and we all may be wrong.

My Responsibility:

These worlds are full of pain. Being born is a pain then marriage and children are a new pain. Why are we increasing this? Why do we create such things that are causing us trouble? what is the fault of an unborn child that is not really exist? He can never challenge us, why we have not brought him into the world. It's all about our sake of mind and we offer him a troubled world. Turn it off and leave me quietly. I am not going to invite anyone into this world, I am not going to marry.

You Never Understood me:

I am happy by nature, but people are happy because someone is unhappy. One person is in gain because another is in loss. One is winning because another is losing, One is good because another is bad. Comparison is everywhere. I am not convinced for there happiness as someone is in sorrow at the same moment. They are not convinced with my points as I am abnormal however for me they are abnormal and selfish. I always run to search the theory of equality, they always think of their own superiority. I never understood you, You never understood me.

I don't know whether I have done right or wrong by sharing the page of his diary. Meanwhile I would not stop myself in asking a question to you - 

Did we really not understand him?


  1. We can say, we had not understand the man. Awesome thought about the world he had. Salute your way of expressing the view.


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