Reasons of Poverty - Money or Mindset?

Reasons of Poverty - Money or Mindset?

Reasons of Poverty - Money or Mindset?
Reasons of Poverty - Money or Mindset?

Sounds irritating however I am going to tell you the whole story of poor people across the worlds who think they are poor due to lack of Money however here we talk about their poor Mindset which is solely responsible for their current situation.

Before going ahead, just think what is the major use of Money for human being?

Some of the factors could be below

Medical Security

Who you think is poor around you?

Yes, my question is who around you is poor and how. Almost everywhere in the world some people can be seen without having a shelter, cloths or food which are called necessity from initial days when human started to live in societies in a managed way. Though parameters of measuring poorness can be different in every county however we can call them poor people because they have no money to make own house, purchase cloths or arranging food.

But Wait for a Moment!

I have a different angle to map poorness. For me money and poorness is not interrelated and even money does not perform a lead role in making people rich.

What is the prime reason of poorness or richness?

It is just Mindset and nothing else
The situation around anyone only depends on the mindset of the person, how he/she think and act.
From the New Delhi capital of India which is the 2nd largest country on the basis of population can say that people which are categorized as poor are actually not because of lack of money, Shelter, cloths or food. It’s just because their thought process is dead and nothing else. Across the world 167 out of total 193 countries follow democracy where government is elected by the people and solely works for the people.  For democratic Government, It is not optional but mandate to look after those people who are below poverty line and Government have various policies for the up gradation of these people. People who have better understanding and know their rights are taking advantage of everything provided by the Government. They have their own houses which have been given to them by the Government, they have their own Ration Cards for periodic food items, they are taking medical treatment and their kids are getting education from the government schools, colleges without any charge or nominal charges. Are they now poor? Not exactly, though they have still no enough money but they are living a simple life and are ready for any unforeseen situation.

Why Starvation if Helping Hand is there?

As per a report approx. 795 million people across the world have no sufficient food to survive and are undernourished.
Awaken everyone could be a tough task for any government or private body. It should be two way efforts to make any policy super success. It is you who have the responsibility to help and reach up to there. Everyone in the society or country should have common responsibility to take charge to make these people aware about their rights and duties. Helping do not require investing money but to guide other can also be a great help.

How can I help people under below poverty?

I know a person who comes out with a blanket at night during the frost season and lays down a person who is shrinking from the frost. So there are various ways to help them. However here we are discussing about the prime reasons of pitiable situation which is not money but mindset, so at very first we have to get them awaken so that they get to know the things going around the world. Being an active and responsible person, you should contribute in various ways:
Ø Free Education to their Next Generation
Ø Creating awareness about the policies meant for them
Ø Guide them in preparing mandate documents
Ø Guide them about Medical and other facilities.
Ø Guide them where to complaint for the things not done in favor of them.
Ø Help them if someone disregards them.
Ø Coach them to boost their moral
Ø Teach them value of self, family, society and country.

From where can I start helping people?

Hey! Don’t go anywhere, don’t take a torch to find out suitable people to help, even do not go any slum area. Just look around where you are standing at this point of time. Analyze the people and start helping them. Start the journey from your neighbor; Look deeper if they need your help and go ahead.

Apart from Government who else can help poor people?

Apart from individual efforts NGO (Non-GovernmentalOrganization) and corporates worlds are working in this field. More than 10 million NGOs are working worldwide and half of them are struggling for the people below poverty line. NGOs are generally funded by government and other individuals. Lots of foreign NGOs have raised fund from outside the country where it is operated.

CSR (Corporate SocialResponsibility) – Corporate worlds are taking interest in welfare of the society as well. It is most important to reach the benefits to the most suitable person otherwise there would be no significant improvement will be measured and all these activities will do nothing. In India as per company act         2013, a mandate contribution to the society is required for such companies which have net worth of 500 carores or more. Contribution would be at least 2 percent.
One who is aware from all these are taking advantage however several others are just don’t know what is going on.
Straightaway we can’t say that the people who are not aware are at fault and they don’t want to do anything in their lives. It is the common responsibility of every citizen to awake other who needs it.

Worldwide there are several institutions and non-profitable organizations exist who have to work for these people on mandate basis. Some of these are listed below in Indian perspective:

Educational Institutions: As per Right to Education, every private education institute has to admit 25% children from below poverty or weaker section. Education is the right of everyone and government is bound to provide free education to them hence no private institute can make the education as a business (though it became a pure business now a days) hence they have to declare that they will assist the government in providing education to all the children as per government requirement.

Medical Institutions: Lots of medical institutions and Private Hospitals across the country (and I believe across the world) are allocated land on concessional rate so that they can help those people who can’t afford highly expensive medical treatment. On 09th July 2018 supreme court has ordered all the private hospitals within Delhi and NCR (National Capital Region) to provide free medical treatment to certain percentage of poor people. This rule was applied for all the hospitals who have taken a great concession in availing land for the hospital. A mandate treatment of 10% to IPA (In Patient Department) and 25% to OPD (Out Patient Department) was arranged by the court.

Below are some best countries who are providing best medical treatment and having great level of management to cover everyone under medical treatment:

United Kingdom.
New Zealand and Norway.
Switzerland and Sweden.

Employment Guarantee: "Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act", MGNREGA, formerly known as: National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 was applied to secure job guarantee for the Indian people who are unskilled. As per the law 100 days job guarantee in a year is mandate for the rural area. Worldwide there are numerous policies exist to support the people who are unskilled and actually need job for their survival. A public employment service in UK is a government's organization which matches employers to employees. They are working in fantastic way for the jobseekers and unemployed people.

Food Security in India: Government of India has launched a program in 2013 which is known as: National Food Security Act 2013. It is also known as Right to Food Act. People from here can take food grains on subsidized rate. It works on major level and covers a large no. of population. There are multiple other schemes and policies for the same in India.

How will the policies work in Effective Way?

Making policies for everything is not a solution at all. This is the core motto of this blog that we as an active citizen have to create awareness within our society and nation so that relevant people can get benefit. No any government is capable enough to remove poverty or unemployment. Taking collective responsibility by all will actually work. For me creating awareness about their Rights is more important than offering a piece of bread. Come and Join hands towards this.

Reasons of Poverty - Money or Mindset?


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