Biggest Universal & Socking reasons of Suffering

Biggest Universal & Socking reasons of Suffering
Biggest Universal & Socking reasons of Suffering
Biggest Universal & Socking reasons of Suffering

So be ready to know the Biggest Universal & Socking reasons of Suffering. I am not sure at what extent, but it is sure that you will jump up from your sheet to read the reasons behind various types of sufferings in human being. 

So coming on the central points Biggest Universal & Socking reasons of Suffering, I have put to 'LOVE' on top. Hey! wait for a moment, let me complete it.

  • Extreme Love and Affection - There are several historical facts in support of this fact. Extreme love and Affection finally create distance and later on it becomes relationship breaker. Mahatma Buddha had realized this facts and he left his wife and children to enter in outer world where everyone is similar and there is no enemy or friend there. There was no Extreme love or disgust for anyone. Even today, his 4 preaches are so relevant and highly accepted - 

  • There is suffering.
  • There is causes of the suffering.
  • Suffering can be removed.
  • There is a way to overcome suffering.

We all know the middle path of Buddha 'Madhyam Marge Pratipada' means follow a middle path where there is a shortage of access love and disgust.

Now question is to whom a person loves or disgusts? Simply with the close relatives around him/her. Below examples can be presented to represent close relatives:

Father & Son

Husband & Wife

Mother & Daughter

Brother & Sister

Girlfriend & Boyfriend




Other than the above relationships, people take lightly in both love and disgust, they simply forget the matter. So the prime condition of suffering is love, if there is love for someone then only people take it personally and this becomes the reason of suffering for example a person driving a car quarrels with someone on the road, will not take it seriously other day however a father will always remember any incident happened with his son. or same happened among all the other closed relatives. Hence Access love becomes the reason or suffering.

Maharshi Valmiki has also quoted in Ramayan that access love is equal to poison.

Lord Krishna suggested Arjuna in Bhagwat Gita (Chapter 2 Verse 71) about the route cause of suffering and way to get peace "One who has given up all the desires for sense gratification. Who has above from the desire and selfishness and also from the ego will only get permanent peace".

Permanent or Real peace is reverse of suffering which can be obtained by following the middle path which is love for everyone but not extreme love.
  • Much Caring and Protecting - Nature has gifted a unique safety system to every creature in this earth (and probably in the Universe) and this allocation has been done so tactfully that everyone gets equal opportunity to live successfully. Some mosquitoes produce CO2 around them which is unbearable for even human and other enemies so it provides a safety and also with the help of this smell, mosquitoes find their way. Everyone from us must have heard a story of Rabbit and Turtle in which Turtle walks towards the destination very slow as turtle has very less speed however his cover is so hard and protective that even a bullet or grazing hit can also unable to (coming soon....)