Medical Emergency - Most Urgent First Aid for all

Medical Emergency - Most Urgent First Aid for all

Medical Emergency - Most Urgent First Aid for all

Medical Emergency - Most Urgent First Aid for all

Is there a medical emergency around you? Don't just watch and wait for Medical Treatment but use the First Aid and save the life. Here we have a list of Most Urgent First Aid which can be applied at the time of Emergencies:

1.       Burning/Scalding -

A. Apply toothpaste on the injured part of the body. It gives relief from Burning and also stops blister.
B. Onion paste is a good First Aid Remedy in burning/Scalding.
C. Put the burning part into normal water or pour cold water on it again and again.
D. Honey is a good to control the situation.
E. Put Coconut oil in the burnt place. It gives relief and keeps original color of the skin.

2.       Heart Attack –

A.       Keep Calm, take rest, do not panic until medical treatment arrives.
B.       If the person is not allergic, take an aspirin as it helps prevent clotting.
C.       Loosen the tight cloths to free the body.
D.       If patient is not taking breath by own, open his/her mouth and pass air from mouth to mouth.
E.        Laying down the patient in plain surface however. Put pillow under the leg to help the blood circulation from leg to heart.
F.        If heartbeat is going down do CPR activity (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) by own.  Put your palms on the chest of the person and compress it at least 100 times in a minute.

3.       Bone Fractures –

A.       In case of bleeding, try to stop it for that you can wrap a clean cloth on it.
B.       Try not to vibrate or move the fractured part.
C.       If there is a delay in further medication, apply turmeric past on the affected part

4.       Electrocution –

A.       If there is no sign of movement, start doing CPR (Mentioned earlier in this blog)
B.       Separate the person from electric source; Switch off the power or remove the person using any non-conductive object.
C.       Take care of any fracture or bleeding due to Electrocution.

5.       Bites/Stings.

A.       If insect’s stinger is into the skin try to remove it first carefully.
B.       Wash the affected area from clean water
C.       If the person is allergic, provide him/her an anti-allergic medicine
D.       White toothpaste is a good option to lower down the impact of poison caused by honeybee.

6.       Fever –

A.       Give the person lots of water and energy drinks to fulfill any element loosen during the sweating.
B.       Provide a comfortable and cool environment for the patient
C.       If keep the temperature down, put soft cloth or cotton into cold water and apply it on the forehead of the patient. Try to change water in every 2 minutes.
D.       If there is a delay in medical treatment, paracetamol can be given to the person.


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