Had the Chariot of Yudhisthira Ever Touched the Ground?

Had the Chariot of Yudhisthira Ever Touched the Ground?

Had Chariot of Yudhisthira Touched the Ground Ever?
Chariot of Yudhisthira Touched the Ground

Before describing the question: Had the Chariot of Yudhisthira Ever Touched the Ground? I would like to add few lines about Yudhisthira as mentioned by Vedvyas in Mahabharat.

Yudhisthira was the eldest Pandavas (Son of King Pandu and Kunti) and being called as Dharmaraj because he was the true follower of truth and religion. He never believed in saying lie. Though Kauravas (Son of Dhritrashtra including Duryodhan and other 99 brothers) had never liked Pandavas and everytime they had made several secret plans to kill or tease them, however even they also believed on Yudhisthira. Due to this uniqueness Yudhisthira was also respected by the Gods.

It was believed that Dharmraj Yudhisthira is not a burden of earth that's why his chariot had not ever touched the earth until a lie which had been spoken by him.

The great Mahabharat was was in progress in the historical ground of Kurukshetra. From Kauravas side Dronacharya was leading the war and he had a great understanding of war and the various weapons. He was also a religious master (Guru) of both Kauravas and Pandavas. He had a great affection of Arjuna from Pandavas.

Though Dronacharya was fighting the Mahabharat war from Kaurvas however he had a great concept that Duryodhan led Kauravas have cheated the Pandavas several times and thus Pandavas should must get his kingdom which was earned by their forefather. Though there were several great fighters in Pandavas however even for Arjuna it was impossible to defeat to Dronacharya. Hence Dronacharya himself had suggested to Arjuna and gave a clue that no one can kill him if there is a weapon in his hand.

Pandavas later on made a plan to convey the message of killing of his son Ashwatthama by Bhima, the younger brother of Yudhisthira. Plan was prepared well however there is a problem, who can convey the message to Dronacharya as no one will believe in saying that Ashwatthama was killed hence Pandavas had selected to Yudhisthira for this role.Yudhisthira however was a man of principle and denied to tell the lie which was actually not happened hence to make this sentence true, an elephant whose name was Ashwatthama was killed by Bhima and then Yudhisthira told to Dronacharya that "Ashwatthama has been killed by Bhima" Though he has also added that Elephant whose name is Ashwatthama has been killed but Dronacharya never listen the slow voice of Yudhisthira about the elephant and he just throw the weapon from his hand  due to great suffering and sat in the Battleground of Kurukshetra in memory of his son.

At the eleventh hour Pandavas cut neck of Dronacharya and this was the moment when the Chariot of Yudhisthira Touched the Ground.How can we define this incident? Was this a lie of Yudhisthira or he was correct?

As per the ancient Hindu religion it is said that:

"Speak truth which gives pleasure to others, Do not speak truth which is not pleasant for others, If anything is pleasant but not truth, never speak it and finally if there is a truth which is not pleasant, better not to speak sometime."

The same has been mentioned below in Sanskrit language (only scrip is taken in English):

Satyam Bruyat, Priyam Bruyat, Na bruyatasatyampriyam |Priyam cha nanritam bruyat esha dharmsanatanah ||

Coming on the original point Had the Chariot of Yudhisthira Ever Touched the Ground? so yes it was touched after telling a lie to Dronacharya.Though all the situation presented by Pandavas proved that there is no lie in telling about the killing of Ashwatthama however again as per religion telling a truth which is not pleasant for others are not a religion actually hence it was believed that this act was first and last sin by Yudhisthira.

I just add few more lines to show the affect of this lie on Yudhisthira...

When the Great Mahabharat war was ended and Pandavas got the kingdom after killing all the Kauravas, Yudhisthira got the throne, ruled several years and arranged several Yajnas (Religious activities for pleasing the God). Finally kingdom divided in several parts among the children of Pandavas.

Finally Yudhisthira and other Pandavas thought to leave the earth and started their journey of Heaven using the route through Himalayas. Slowly and gradually all the Pandavas were died in the cold temperature of Himalayas, only Yudhisthira and one dog who was following the Pandavas were reached to Heaven safely. Dharmaraj Yudhisthira asked them where are his brothers now? Are they in Heaven or in Hell?

The Messenger of the God replied that they are in Hell but we are ready to welcome you in heaven. Yudhisthira refused to enter into Heaven and asked the messenger to put him in Hell with his brothers and other relatives.

The Messenger then took him in hell to see his brothers and others. Yudhisthira became very sad to see all of those and denied to come out from the hell.Finally Dharmaraj (The God of heaven) came their and asked the Yudhisthira that it was just a test taken by them to examine to him and also informed that all your brothers and other relatives are already in heaven and waiting for you. Then Yudhisthira moved to the heaven.

In short one lie of Yudhisthira had put him in sadness and suffering for a while. So just to add one line that touching the wheel of chariot in ground was a great incident in Mahabharat. It was not just matter of touching chariot but the symbolic sign of sin done by Dharmaraj Yudhisthira.

Had the Chariot of Yudhisthira Ever Touched the Ground?