When Arjuna wanted to kill Yudhisthira?

When Arjuna wanted to kill Yudhisthira?

When Arjuna wanted to kill Yudhisthira?
When Arjuna wanted to kill Yudhisthira?

Sounds uncommon but it's a fact that once upon a time Arjuna wanted to kill Yudhisthira who was his eldest brother and for him Yudhisthira was so respectable.

So what happened on the 17th day of Great Mahabharat War when Arjuna had taken his sword in his hand to kill Yudhisthira?

Fine, let me complete it.

As per the greatest writer Ved Vyas in Mahabharat (Karn Parva), on 17th day Karn was wandering here and there in searching of Arjuna on the great battleground of Kurukshetra however Arjuna was leading from a different part of the ground. On the way Yudhisthira was there and their unmatched fight started. Karn started to hurt Yudhisthira and also started to tease him like "Being a saint war is not your cup of tea, why you came on the battleground?"

Yudhisthira became very injured as Karn had shown a great bravery and in fact he had taken his education from Lord Parashuram, one of the most powerful scholar of weapon. Though Karn known that Yudhisthira is his younger brother and he had given a word to his real Mother Kunti that he will not kill any of his brothers except Arjuna hence Karn forgave to Yudhisthira in saying that since you are a Saint (For more details of Yudhisthira read Why the Chariot of Yudhisthira touched the ground?) hence I forgive you, go back and do not use this weapon again.

The wounds given by Karn was not so much painful as compared to the insulting words by him. Yudhisthira preferred to suicide rather than living with the harsh words of Karn. Later on Nakul (His younger brother) had taken him back from the battleground.

When Arjuna heard about Yudhisthira he became very sad and came to meet Yudhisthira to see whether he is live or is no more. Yudhisthira was suffering from the pain in his several parts of the body however he managed to keep his breath and survived.

To see Arjuna at that time, Yudhisthira was under impression that he would have killed Karn and then arrived here to give the good news to me. He asked to Arjuna about this however Arjuna told that after knowing about you, I was very sad and came to meet to you also Karn did not come in front of him hence he could not fight with Karn. This news was not good for Yudhisthira and he suddenly started to insult to Arjuna and to his Gandiv (Bow - A weapon specially kept by Arjuna). He also asked him to throw the Gandiv as you don't deserve for it. Seems your Gandiv has no power to kill Karn.
Arjuna couldn't bear the insulting word about his Gandiv (He had taken an oath that if someone insult his Bow he will kill him/her) and became ready to kill Yudhisthira. He had taken a sword to kill his Brother however it was Lord Krishna who saved Yudhisthira and also convinced to Arjuna that Yudhisthira is his eldest brother and just like his father so he should not kill him.

Arjuna told to Krishna about his oath that if someone insult his Gandiv he will kill him/her.

Lord Krishna suggested him that Yudhisthira is his eldest brother and like his father so just tell him some insulting words, as insulting to respected person is just like killing him/her.

Arjuna started to insult to Yudhisthira in order to save his life. After telling some abusing words, Arjuna started to feel guilty and told to Krishna that I have insulted to my eldest brother hence I feel so ashamed and do not want to live now. Arjuna wanted to kill himself however again Krishna came in between.

This time Lord Krishna suggested to Arjuna that Praising himself against elders is just like to kill himself/herself so praise yourself near all the persons sitting here and Arjuna did so.

Now with the tactful solutions of Lord Krishna, both Arjuna and Yudhisthira could arrange to save their lives.

When Arjuna wanted to kill Yudhisthira?


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