Extreme Vegetarian - Facts and Myths

Extreme Vegetarian - Facts and Myths

Extreme Vegetarian - Facts and Myths
Extreme Vegetarian - Facts and Myths

It was not older than one year when I was taking my bed rest due to a minor health issue. Doctor has re-commended me to take simple diet which is easy to digest. In one sudden morning my wife put some mung bean near me, I just looked the sprouted mung and tried to finish the last paragraph of my book which was quite interesting and I was so involved into it.
In next 10 minutes I again looked towards my the pot and realized a minor growth of the sprouts. I just called my wife to show this magic of nature. My wife told me that if we leave the sprouted beans for a while it is growing because it is live food and also advised me to start eating it instead of thinking over it.
Spite of having a strong will power, I couldn't eat those sprouted beans as I couldn't arrange that level of stamina who can kill several live and beautiful creatures of this nature. I was in great sorrow to think that are there lives less valuable than ours? what I was going to do? Do I have right to take someone's life? Several sets of questions were wandering in my mind however no answer was there at that time. Actually I am fail to find the proper answer even today.
Sometime I think about our great Indian scientist and famous botanist Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose who have invented that Plants are also responding against the several actions and have great level of sense and these can feel pain like human and animals. Two of his books: Response in the Living and Non-Living (1902) and The Nervous Mechanism of Plants (1926) were the milestone in this world to understand the plants in better way. So every fruits, vegetable, juices and leafs which are eatable have soul into these which have great level of feelings. Now question is eating vegetable and fruit is killing these plants?
As per the several Hindu religious books it is said that "Jeevo Jeevasya Bhojanam". It means one living being is food for another and so on.

Less or more but maximum people know about the great Indian author Ved Vyas who have written several historic religious books including Mahabharata in which once Pandavas (5 sons of King Pandu) were so thirsty and tried to take drinking water from a pond which was kept by a Yaksha (Known as supernatural being who were benevolent in nature and led by Kuber). All the brothers except Yudhisthira were died as they had denied to answer the questions of Yaksha however Yudhishthira agreed to answer the questions. One of the questions asked by Yaksha to Yudhishtira was: What is without a soul? and Yudhishtira answered - Everything accept Stone have soul.
So coming to my original point Everything accept stone have soul and so have emotions and sense as well. I don't know leaving the sprouted mung untouched was my right decision or not however I requested to my wife not to offer me sprouted items ever.
After a deep study on Reasons of choosing Vegetable food in human dietI found only two reasons behind it -
  • Health Issue and
  • Religious Reason
Lots of people from across the worlds are thinking that Veg food is a compatible diet for human being and this is one of the important cause of long life. I am not going to comment on such people and their habits as they do not consider about Violence or non violence. It is their own preference and availability of food however people from second category who are thinking that choosing vegetable food is as per the law of God and they are saving life of animals by not taking non vegetables in their diet, are on my target today.
If I were in place of so called Yaksha, I would have asked one more question from Yudhishthira "What is eatable item without Soul" and I know Yudhishthira would have answered that nothing in this world is without soul which can be eaten. Where is the non violence? Numerous people will not be agreed with my next point but I am here declaring that eating anything is just killing someone whether it's veg or non veg.
This blog can't be completed without involving Jainism thought as they are considered as Extreme vegetarian and great supporter of non violence. Most of the Jainism people use mask to avoid killing micro species and when they walk they see that no ant comes under their foot. After attaining Kevala Jnana (true knowledge), Mahavira taught that observance of the vows of ahimsa (non-violence), satya (truth), asteya (non-stealing), brahmacharya (chastity), and aparigraha (non-attachment) is necessary for spiritual liberation. So the first thing was Non Violence and they advised the people to be vegetarian.
Mahatma Buddha was also strong believer of Non Violence and re-commended people not to involve in any activity which creates pain to anyone. (For more information and preaches of Buddha please read our another blog: Reasons of Suffering) He had declared that World is full of suffering, There are some reasons behind this and we can remove this suffering by following some rules.
So what could be the possible sufferings which Mahatma Buddha had observed?
Probably to see the old man while walking through the road in his kingdom.Probably to see the dead body of a person passing nearby.Probably the broken leaf of a plant near his palace.
We all know the story of Angulimal and Mahatma Buddha who had requested to Angulimal to take 5 leafs of a tree and then asked him to go back and attach these leafs with it's original source however Angulimal asked how it could be possible. A broken leaf can not be fixed again. Buddha replied that if we do not have right to give life to anyone, we should not take life of anyone.
Now what is the meaning of the word 'Anyone' here. This word includes all the living things whether it's human, animal, plant, or micro species which is not visible.
Human had gradually and slowly adapted Vegetable and fruit in their food and the possible reason behind it could be pain and suffering of plants can not be seen. If we cut an apple into two halves we can not realize it's pain and this is the reason everyone is happy to have such veg foods however if we cut a chicken, we generally avoid seeing it and prefer not to take our child with us while going to purchase non veg items.
For the sake of own satisfaction most of the people have connected their eating habit with God and they simply say that God has guided us not to take non veg as it leads to create a sin and finally you will fall in hell. Interestingly they provide reason that killing anyone is not a religious activity however they are very silent regarding killing of thousands of veg items on daily basis like wheat, rice, potatoes, mushroom, Banana, and many more.
Religious Reasons to avoid non veg:
  1. As per the ancient Hindu religion, taking non veg in our diet creates distress and stops concentration towards the god hence a devotee of God should avoid eating non veg.
  1. Lord Krishna in bhagwatgita says that food should be offered to the God first then you should take it for your own use.
  1. Several Vedic instructions are given that we should eat such food which is easily digestible and well cooked and it should not be bitter and spicy.

Now a days lots of people are moving towards veg diet considering that it's good for living a longer life and also for the good and peaceful mind and body. This reasons are quite convincing and appreciable however giving reference of Heaven or Hell is not fully logical as both types of diets are full of living things and without killing it we can not take our breakfast, lunch or dinner.
So just to summarize it choosing types of diet is one's own opinion and it's purely basis of his/her own choice. Eat what you eat and do not force anyone for the same.

Extreme Vegetarian - Facts and Myths


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